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Lux Lash & Brow Company


About Us


Our Mission...

At Lux Lash & Brow Company, our mission is to empower you as a Entrepreneur to be bold and confident of your God given talents and to enhance the skills required to make your professional dreams a true reality! We are not an overnight pop-up company teaching eyelash extension or microblading classes for the moment and for the money. We began our mission in 2010 offering numerous professional training classes, to build and establish long term relationships with our students. In addition, we offer our students a lifetime of continuous support at no extra costs.

  • Lux Lash & Brow Company is  licensed with:
  • Texas Dept of Licensing Regulations (TDLR)
  • Texas Dept of State Health Services (TDSHS)

Experience the Lux Lash & Brow Approach...

For the consummate professional, we offer superior training to beauty schools, novice learners and salon/spa professionals. While our signature products are superior as well, we are direct to the manufacturer and guarantee our classes and products are not grossly overpriced. 

Whether you visit Lux Lash & Brow Company as a new client or as one of our professional students, you will quickly realize we offer the best services and uncompromised training at the most affordable price in the industry!  Come, experience the Lux Lash & Brow Company difference! 



Lux Lash & Brow Company was established in 2010 by a sisterhood of licensed and certified salon/spa professionals who trained extensively throughout the USA and abroad. Collectively we have created the most in-depth, state of the art, classroom training programs in the USA.  

In our Permanent Make-Up and Microblading Classes, we teach our student various, "advanced" methods using the highest quality, digital machines and Grade A, Microblading tools and supplies. 

We offer the "complete" training program for Eyelash Extensions, Eyebrow Extensions, Microblading and Permanent Make-Up (PMU) techniques in both manual & machine methods including the pigment removal process for affordable rates. 

We offer Permanent Make-Up and Microblading Technique training for brows, eyeshadow, eyeliner and full lip color or liner via the manual hand technique and also teach our student to apply PMU with our state of the art" digital machine.


What separates Lux Lash & Brow Company from other schools?

  • Our "100% Student Satisfaction Guarantee" training program is the most efficient and cost effective way of learning permanent makeup. You will learn multiple techniques and not be pigeon holed into learning one technique. Most schools teach only one method. Which is better? Now you can decide for yourself. 
  • The theory class includes a student guide complete with an instructional DVD & Workbook. 
  • The practical class includes hands-on training with live model for each student. To insure each student receives individualized attention and complete hands-on learning, our class size is purposely limited. You will complete training on live models based on the class you enrolled, on either eyebrow, eyeshadow, eyeliner or lips; or all four techniques. 
  • We are willing to go the extra mile for you to ensure your success. We've trained many successful technicians, salons and spas in this industry and we take pride in being there for you during and after class. 
  • We invest a tremendous amount of resources to bring you innovation and brilliance in training and products that will make a real difference to you. 
  • We offer discounts for multiple students (friends & family) and group rates for salons and spas as well. If you are interested in multiple classes, we can design a class for you in a private "one on one" setting with dates that are convenient for you. There are no additional costs for the private classes! 
  • We offer flexible night and weekend classes.
  • All classes are taught from our beautiful corporate office in a professional classroom environment... not from a hotel meeting room. 
  • Our building has been inspected, approved and licensed by the local City/County Health Department and also by the State of Texas Health Department.

Lux Lash & Brow Team

Ms. Crystal


  • Crystal is a Texas native. She is a licensed Esthetician and Eyelash Extension Artist specializing in the Art of Permanent Makeup for over 12 years; Eyelash Extension Trainer/Level 2); Master Permanent Make-Up Trainer with over 10 years of professional industry training.

Ms. Teresa


  • Teresa was born and raise in sunny, Southern California. She is a licensed and certified Nail Technician, Eyelash Extension Artist, Microblading & PMU Artist. She is a Level 1 Apprentice Trainer.

Ms. Fernanda


  • Fernanda hails from the beautiful country of Brazil. She has studied Permanent Make-Up & Microblading abroad; in addition to her many years of experience as the Brow Mapping Guru, Microblading & PMU Artist, she is an amazing Trainer. She travels extensively and shares her time training in the USA & Brazil. 

Ms. Valerie


  • Valerie is a Texas native. She is a licensed Cosmetologist, Eyelash Extension Specialist; certified & licensed Permanent Make-Up & Microblading Artist; Lash Extension Trainer; Level 2; Brow Extension/ Sculpting Trainer; Master Permanent Make-Up Trainer with over 10 years of professional beauty industry training experience.

Ms. Rani


  • Rani was born and raise in India. She has been Threading since the age of ten years old. She has been a well-renowned "Brow Guru" for over 25 years. In 2003, Rani began providing professional eyebrow sculpting and threading services for her clients in Virginia and Washington, DC. In addition to servicing her large celebrity clientele, she also professionally teaches the Art of Threading and the Art of Microblading classes across the USA and abroad in India. She is also a well-renowned henna artist. 

Ms. Jennifer


  • Jen hails from the beautiful state of Louisiana. She is a licensed Cosmetologist, certified Lash Extension Artist, Lash Extension Trainer/Level 1 and Threading Instructor.